Physical Rehabilitative Therapy

Physical Rehabilitative Therapy

Rehabilitative Therapy

Physical Rehabilitative Therapy is Helpful for Many Conditions

Anyone experiencing pain from a traumatic injury or chronic health condition should consider physical rehabilitative therapy at a top-of-the-line medical facility administered by an experienced physician. An individual’s constant physical discomfort is typically caused by problems in the spine’s vertebrae or other joints in the body. Patients seeking physical rehabilitative therapy will receive a thorough examination to design a customized plan of treatment. Treatment plans are based on these factors:

  • Patient’s lifestyle
  • Existing health conditio
  • Patient’s age

patient requires multiple sessions at a physical rehabilitative medical facility to learn new exercises, receive therapy and/or make adjustments in the treatment plan. In addition to receiving treatments under the supervision of physicians, patients are responsible for changing their lifestyle at home.

Physical Rehabilitative Therapy

Ways that Physical Rehabilitative Therapy Can Improve Functions

Physical rehabilitative therapy is designed to improve a patient’s health in a variety of ways, including:

  • Better balance
  • Creating flexible joints
  • Strengthening joints
  • Building core stability

The musculoskeletal system of patients is the main focus of physical rehabilitative programs with special attention focused on the neck and back. The vertebrae of the spine cover and protect the body’s main nerves. However, a compression of the bones or joints can lead to discomfort in various locations such as the legs or arms. Some of the health problems that cause patients to seek a physical rehabilitative program from a specialist include arthritic conditions, temporomandibular joint disorder or carpel tunnel. These make daily living activities difficult. As you age, the need for more physical rehabilitative treatment for conditions such as strokes or Parkinson’s disease arises.

There are various Physical Rehabilitative Therapies

The treatments received vary depending on the type of chronic condition or injury that is troubling a patient. Additional criteria that a physician considers when planning treatments is the patient’s age and overall health. Many patients undergo a variety of therapies rather than just one which may include:

  • Inferential electrical stimulation
  • Spinal manipulation with the hands or tools
  • Ultrasound techniques
  • Cyrotherapy or ice therapy
  • Applications of moist heat
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Functional rehabilitation
  • Kinesiotherapy or exercise therapy

Physical rehabilitative therapy is appropriate for recovering from work injuries, repetitive stress disorders and orthopedic conditions. Patients often have a combination of treatments while undergoing physical rehabilitative therapy, including nutritional programs, chiropractic care and massage therapy.

We strive to provide a high standard

At Affiliated Healthcare Centers we look to provide the highest standard in patient care. Our goal is to get our patients back to an active lifestyle again!


Personal Injury

Were you hurt in an accident? Maybe it was someone’s else fault or someone else’s negligence. At Affiliated Healthcare we can help with your rehabilitation process and ensure you feel better.

Chiropractic Care

At Affiliated Healthcare Centers we look to provide the highest standard in patient care. Our goal is to get our patients back to an active lifestyle again! Therefore we use the power of Chiropractic Care in your wellness plan.

Slip and Fall

Back injuries, neck injuries, broken bones and fractures are common with Slip and Fall accidents. Our trained medical professionals look forward to helping victims of Slip and Fall accidents. Call us today and start getting back on the road to recovery.

Auto Accidents

Victims of a car accident should get the proper care they need. Why waste time going to a healthcare professional that doesn’t know how to treat car accident related injuries. At Affiliated Healthcare Centers we know we can help.


Trained Medical Staff & Professionals

As healthcare professionals we take our responsibility to our patients seriously. We care about our patients and referral partners and take your health seriously. There are very few healthcare centers that go out of there way to pay close attention to the root causes and ailments. Many times patients are left wondering, seeking out second opinions on matters that can be addressed immediately and taken care of in the right environment.

Our commitment to our patients and their health is top priority. Our patients are number one in our practice and you can see that when you walk through our doors. When you visit one of our centers you’ll find what your looking for:

Top Medical Professionals
First Class Patient Care and Services
Doctors & Nurses Who Care
Medical Services That Meet Your Expectations

Health & Wellness Services

Getting the right medical and wellness team to help you with ailments, accidents, injuries of all types is not only crucial but important to your ability to recover. At Affiliated Healthcare Centers we fully understand the importance of these matters, that’s why we’ve hired a team of professional medical physicians and staff to proper help you get back to an active lifestyle again!

We offer a comprehensive line of wellness services that we know will help you get back to an active lifestyle again. We also know the importance of choosing the right healthcare facility for health and rehabilitative purposes. Below we’ve outlined our entire list of services and the areas we cover.