Our Services

Chiropractic Care

If you are struggling with chronic pain in the back or neck, then visiting a chiropractor for spine or vertebrae manipulation techniques is a good idea. The spine’s bones or vertebrae support the entire human body

Workers Comp & Corrective Care

Getting hurt at the work place can take a serious toll on the physical and mental health of an individual. Every day thousands of people go to work, get hurt in their office or place of work and need immediate and serious attention from the

Personal Injury & Corrective Care

At Affiliated Healthcare Centers we understand the challenges and pains our patients encounter due to injuries from a slip, fall, car accident or someone else’s negligence. Maybe the injury was due to a sports related cause or recreational

Auto Accidents

According to annual city driver reviews, South Florida is home to some of the nation's worst drivers. Drivers involved in a car accident are sometimes most concerned about the damage sustained to their vehicle.

Slip and Falls

In the United States, one of the most common causes of unintentional injuries are from falls. Most people have suffered pain from a fall at some point in their lives.

Sports Injury

For those who participate in sports, it's common to suffer from a sports injury at some point, Although most people assume that they can heal with rest and a few ice packs

Health & Wellness Services

Getting the right medical and wellness team to help you with ailments, accidents, injuries of all types is not only crucial but important to your ability to recover. At Affiliated Healthcare Centers we fully understand the importance of these matters, that’s why we’ve hired a team of professional medical physicians and staff to proper help you get back to an active lifestyle again!

We offer a comprehensive line of wellness services that we know will help you get back to an active lifestyle again. We also know the importance of choosing the right healthcare facility for health and rehabilitative purposes. Below we’ve outlined our entire list of services and the areas we cover.







Trained Medical Staff & Professionals

As healthcare professionals we take our responsibility to our patients seriously. We care about our patients and referral partners and take your health seriously. There are very few healthcare centers that go out of there way to pay close attention to the root causes and ailments. Many times patients are left wondering, seeking out second opinions on matters that can be addressed immediately and taken care of in the right environment.

Our commitment to our patients and their health is top priority. Our patients are number one in our practice and you can see that when you walk through our doors. When you visit one of our centers you’ll find what your looking for:

Top Medical Professionals
First Class Patient Care and Services
Doctors & Nurses Who Care
Medical Services That Meet Your Expectations


Start Your Career

Affiliated Healthcare Centers is looking for top talent in the South Florida market. We want to hire friendly, bright and upbeat individuals that want to work with a dedicated staff of professionals.

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Are you in the medical profession? Maybe your considering a career in the medical field and you are looking for a team of professionals dedicated to their patient’s well being and active lifestyle? If you think you are the right fit, contact us now and find out about developing your career with Affiliated Healthcare Centers!